Monday, June 30, 2008

Got Nothing

didn't go to park, heres why, whabos is killing it for those (me) who can't

Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm gonna change it up, heres a video instead of... of... doesn't the word "of" look stange? of of of of of, i'm freaking out, see ya monday

The Gang from bon wagner on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

got a problem

Just had a road soda with ice


skating clips or Super Deluxe? comments please, did you see the poll at the bottom of the page? nobody won, the correct answer was 5,comments, haha, i'm considering actuall trivia giveaways, comments, how do you feel about me writing stuff, commuments, vid from weekend tommorrow, will it be good? comments, probably not, ya know what... heres the first actuall contest:

1. can be anything, great trick, gnarly slam, funny shenanigans, etc.
2. the uploader or creator wins not you, timmy, tommy, molly and holly
3. don't make it long, i'll get bored
4. no more than three entries per person
5. deadline- august 1st

how to submit:
1. post to youtube or vimeo
2. email me link @

the winner will receive a custom SCDD t-shirt (serious this time)

Remember, i'll be judging the vids and i'm a dick, keep this in mind

Better Than Human Skateboarding

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today, Don't Go Skating

i like this, my videos are stoops ids, Watch this with no shirt on, ah hell... get an ol' pair of tighty whiteys and socks, if...when anybody sees burst into laughter, you should already be at that point, and you throw the efin cat at em, and don't forget to hydrate yourself

Tour Video

I Got The RUNDS from bon wagner on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Bulls Are Scared

got kicked out of fdr at gunpoint, no video of course, "its spring loaded"

cops from bon wagner on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Don't Know How I Feel About This

...not that it would happen. but, its weird, all these girls talking bout support and a bunch of kids and older dudes i've never seen before that live in aston, my hometown of the last 18 years.

New Segment! only segment

Give Me 5 With The Blacksmith from bon wagner on Vimeo.

That soccer video was fake, not this though

Mathis Was Here

mathis, board band 2008, more sizzla, give jah wah jah wahts, new segment coming, later today

Mathis has been around from bon wagner on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1 Year Down

SCDD 1ST YEAR SNUCKKAS! from bon wagner on Vimeo.

Thanks: all my friends except you know who you are, anybody i've ever skate with (i hate you for being better than me), haters, haterz, hataz, bmxers, inliners, MSSP (mean street scooter posse), graffiti kids for sucking, taco bell, kinetic (didn't link my site yet though uh-mmph), all the youtubers who will never see my vimeo videos, the park, the park staff for never emptying the rubbish bins (they did put the board band 2008 in place, see vid in a wee bit), size 34 waist, pbr, bingo night at sundance, 75 cent pbr pounders at duffers, cool city kids and the lame ones, canon for superior quality and design, burger king chicken fries (ranch), Zephyr Fi, those things on the end of shoelaces, yellow gatorade (future), goodwill, rain on days that i didn't want to skate, rain on days you had off, ohh... rain gatorade riptide rush, punk music, farts... haha, censored, censored, censored, explicit deleted, people hiting me with their boards, people who don't land their shit, people who actually land stuff who are prolonging the inevitable pulling of the plug of this site, Premier orthopaedic, bymenin & hotpockets (the jingle, not the product), fdr, tattoos, people in the know, people who think they're in the know, people who don't know (like me), the good the bad and the ugly blogs (love em all) boeing helichoptahs, the elusive front krook, the slippery banana, the flamingo, mccain (the republican and the frozen pizzas), i ain't gonna vote but, "i'm an anarchist, you're a spine-less liberal," dead deer on side of road, the letter x that so rarely gets used but doesn't complain or when it hears its name being mentioned in another room doesn't come over and bore us with that stupid kayaking story, clams, fruit rollups, did i mention taco bell, cars that beep their horn, volvo, countries i never been to before, cigarettes (don't worry girl one day the doctors will tell me i'm dying and its on), amazon, 30 minute unpaid lunch break, boobies, chicks with dagger tattooed titties, purple nurples, old nickaleodian shows: salute your shorts, hey dude, legends of the hidden temple, pete n pete etc., shinners, pole jams, swamp ass, snowboarding(kinda), jah, that one time i had herpes, fluffa-nutter, chimichongas, bajo, "BURGER PUNKS," purple stuff, and a bum knee that pretty much made all this possible

Ohh, and a special shout out to the brothers Diamond, King and Neil.

Day At Work Part Deux

Who keeps a fire axe in the office?

Monday, June 2, 2008


starting working on roadtrip vid, bo diddley died, you don't know who that is, this is a clip, not of bo, just to keep spirits up

Mark Keeps It Fresh

vimeo suckas

Mark keeps it fresh from bon wagner on Vimeo.